Freecords - More than a record label.

Freecords is an innovative, independent record label focused exclusively on new and emerging artists to provide new paths to success in the music industry.

We strive to provide artists with all the services a traditional record label provides, simplified, easy to access, and at a lower cost.

Our vision is to provide every artist with access to tools, opportunities, and services, enabling them to create, and succeed.

We aim to be a place where anyone with the ambition of becoming successful in music will get started, advance and become the next big thing, if they want, or get to the levels that they want to be on, without strings attached.

The fact that we are a digital platform allows us to explore non-traditional ways a record label can operate, which gives us the advantage to, in the first place be a record label, but also a tech company.

We are a small team of dreamers, whose dream is to help as many artists as possible reach their goals and their version of success.

The team

Mihailo Stojkovic
Nikola Mihajlovic
Lead Developer
Peter Szent-Kirallyi
Bojan Dopudja
Senior Developer
Peter Bokor
Nikola Jevtic