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Upload music to Freecords and have it distributed to Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay, Deezer and many others.
Get a custom artist page to promote your music by sharing it online. Keep 100% of earnings!
No obligations, monthly or other costs ever. Quit any time.
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What do you get?

Here's a list of some of our benefits.
Release music to Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay, Deezer, Tidal and 100+ other platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube ContentId included)
Artist and song pages to promote your music
( view example here
Unlimited music distribution free- No hidden fees
Get 1 EUR for joining
Monthly payouts - withdraw money directly to your bank account and receive detailed streaming report
Personal account manager to help you with all requests
Quick review time. (24 hours)
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Is it really free?

Yes, it's absolutely free! We believe in empowering artists like you. Begin your cost-free music distribution journey with us. If it sounds good, you can get started below.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the music distribution with Freecords.
Can I transfer songs from another distributor?
Transferring songs from another distributor? Contact us to arrange the transfer quickly and efficiently. See our streaming royalties calculator to estimate your earnings
What is music distribution?
Music distribution is how you share your music with the world. In the past, this meant making CDs or vinyl records and getting them into stores. Now, thanks to the internet, this is mostly done digitally. You simply turn your songs into digital files and upload them to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, so fans everywhere can listen. More stores your release is in, the better! Distributors, including free ones like Freecords, handle the technical side of things. We ensure your music meets the minimum criteria and has all the necessary details to be shared on these platforms. This allows you to focus more on creating new music while we take care of getting your songs out there.
Benefits of using a music distributor
Using a music distributor opens up a whole world of opportunities for your music. It’s like having a powerful partner who helps your music reach listeners on both popular and niche platforms. Distributors manage the details, like tracking how much money your songs make and making sure they follow the rules of each platform. We also use data to show you who's listening to your music, which helps you understand your audience and plan your next moves. Plus, platforms like Freecords can even help promote your music, getting it featured on playlists and social media, so you reach more listeners while focusing on your music.
Benefits of independent releasing
Going independent gives you total control. You handle everything from how your music is made to how it's released and promoted. This direct approach lets you connect more personally with your fans. You keep all the rights, deciding when and how to share it, and you potentially earn more since you're not sharing profits with a record label. Yes, it means you'll handle more tasks, like promoting your music and overseeing business decisions, so you're essentially a startup, but it also gives you the freedom to shape your career exactly how you want. You get to interact directly with your fans and experience the independence that comes with managing your own music journey.
Freecords vs. Other Music Distributors
Freecords stands out as a choice for distributing your music because for starters, it’s completely free. You can release unlimited tracks without any fees and keep all everything you earn. This is a significant advantage over many well-known distributors that, despite charging a monthly fee, also charge hidden costs. They claim to pay out 100% to artists, but these hidden fees say the opposite. In contrast, Freecords ensures total transparency, allowing you to avoid any deductions from your royalties. Freecords also helps get your music heard. When you release a track, you receive a promotional link and your music is featured in the Freecords app, where both fans and other artists can discover it. We also pitch your music to playlists to promote you further. However, bear in mind that Freecords is still a young and developing platform. Features such as setting a release date or uploading entire albums aren't available yet, but we are working hard to implement them as soon as possible. Overall, Freecords is more than just a music distributor; it's a complete music platform that provides free music distribution and many other tools to help you succeed. With features that go beyond just sharing your music, Freecords is the choice for new artists who want grow an audience. As we continue to develop and expand, our goal is to become THE hub for new and emerging artists who want to independently manage their music careers, to not only start, but scale and reach as high as you want.
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