Frequently Asked Questions - Distribution

How do I distribute a song?

Distribution has 2 very simple steps.
1. Register on Freecords at
2. Upload your song at
and select the distribution checkbox at the bottom of the page.

How long does it take for distributed songs to go live?

On average, all songs are distributed within one week. Depending on moderation, we might contact you by e-mail asking for more info, otherwise you can expect to receive your links a week after you've submitted the song or songs.

Can I distribute an album?

Unfortunately not, at the moment.
However, we are working really hard to implement this functionality, and we will let all our users know as soon as it's live.

How much does it cost?

Our platform is completely free, you get 100% of your royalties. This is for unlimited songs, without any additional costs.

Can I transfer my music from other distributors?

Of course! Please contact us if you wish to do so and we will arrange it quickly and efficiently.

What music file formats are supported?

We encourage artists to provide listeners with high-quality music. Currently we support mp3 format (320kbps), WAV and FLAC files. We encourage you to upload maximum quality files.

How do I get paid?

Payouts are made 105 days after a month has ended. Once you have crossed our payout threshold of 50 EUR, you will be able to fill out your banking information and withdraw your funds.

How can I see my statistics?

Stats are published 45-105 days after month's close, for example January statistics are published on March 15th. Depending on the platform, you might see them a bit later. This is not up to us, unfortunately.

Stats include total stream count, total earnings, streams by platform, earnings by platform, earnings per stream and streams by country.
Once we receive them, we will immediately forward them to you and all our artists via e-mail.

Do you distribute to Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok?

Yes! You don't need to do anything to distribute to all of them. We automatically distribute everywhere. (50+ stores)

My question isn't here?!

Not a problem, we try to provide the best possible customer service, so please contact us with your question and we will reply very quickly.