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Style Guidelines for Releases

Welcome to Freecords content style guidelines!

When uploading songs, you will need to follow these guidelines to make sure they pass the moderation process when being distributed to other platforms and also to ensure that your song has the highest chances for success.

In the case your song doesn’t follow the guidelines, we might remove it.

1.   Artist formatting

1.1   Correct Formatting For a Featuring Artist

To credit a featuring artist use either “feat” or “with”. The correct formatting for a track title with a featuring artist would be: Good Day (feat. Mark Upperson)

As you can see, the “feat” is formatted inside brackets and is in lowercase.

Using capitals or any other way of spelling would invalidate the song in moderation, “Feat” “FEAT” “Featuring” and “featuring”.

1.2   Crediting an Artist “With”

Like with “feat”, the formatting of “with” is the same: “Good Day (with Mark Upperson)”

Place it within brackets, and without any capitalization. The only difference to “feat” is because “with” does not need a full stop.


1.3   Remixes

Songs that contain remixes of the same track have to indicate so in the title.

To avoid duplication of the tracks, they have to contain enough information, in order to differentiate.

For example, some remixes of the track “Good Day” can be formatted similar to the following, track title:

Remixes Good Day (Remixes)

Good Day (Extended Mix)

Good Day (DJ Yusuf Offline Remix)

Good Day (DJ Yusuf Offline Remix Radio Edit)

Good Day (Radio Edit) ‘Original Mix’ isn’t allowed in the title.


2.   Classical Artist Styles

2.1   Track titles

The song title format has to be like the following, [Name of Work] in [key], [catalogue number] or [movement number], [movement title]

For example: “Symphony No.7 in C major, Opus 21” or “Piano Sonata in C, K545”

Important: If a track title has key, catalogue number, movement number and movement title, they also have to be included in the right order.

3.   Capitalization, Abbreviations, Accents, and Characters

3.1. Parts and Volume Formatting

In case you are releasing tracks in Volumes or Parts, you have to abbreviate them to: “Vol.” or “Pt.”

For example, “Good Day part 1” is to be formatted as: “Good Day, Pt. 1”, or a volume: “Good Day, Vol. 1”. If a word is followed by (-) (/) or (:), they are to be capitalized


4.       Cover releases

You can distribute covers to Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Anghami, Juke, and JioSaavn without a mechanical license.

If that’s the case, the release will be distributed worldwide, with no need to exclude territories. In case you want the cover distributed to other stores, you will have to obtain a mechanical license for the following territories: The United States, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, India.

You can obtain them at:

5.       Cover Art

Cover art must be 3000 x 3000 pixels or larger.

The ratio of the image has to be 1:1

Only images of high quality that are not blurry or pixelated will be accepted.

Website addresses are not allowed on the cover art, as well as physical packaging or retailer’s references.

It must not point out that it is a digital release.

Pricing or anything related to pricing is forbidden to be shown.

Pornography or any website linking to pornography is not allowed on the cover art.

Misleading information, such as pointing to another artist that is not in the song is forbidden.

Other misleading information, such as presenting that it contains something that it doesn’t is forbidden as well.

Any form of racist or hate-based content; along with Nazi symbolism is not allowed.

Recommended DPI is 300, with the minimum being 72 and the maximum of 300.

The size of the file has to be less than 25Mb.  

Depiction of celebrities, social media logos, store logos, or any copyrighted or trademarked material is not allowed.

6.       Metadata gaming

Any attempt at metadata gaming will not be tolerated and the content in question will be removed, along with the user, who will also be banned from the use of our platform.

We hope the guidelines were helpful, and we wish you luck with your career!

Please contact us if you have any questions at:

Released on: 9th of September, 2022.