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Discover new music – Get traction on your songs

Welcome to the first Freecords Blog post. We are a recently launched music discovery platform. Here, we will introduce our aims for the future and what we provide to the market. These are very exciting times for us, and at the same time incredibly difficult, not only for us, but for the whole planet, in the light of the current pandemic.

We started Freecords about year and a half ago with the idea of changing the music industry, you can read more about that part on About us page. Finally, after all that time, we manage to publish our music discovery streaming platform on a private beta.

We are currently testing all functionalities with a limited number of users, and are going live very soon. If you would like to participate in the beta version, please submit your email on the Home page. Or, you can wait for once we are live and get your hands on it then.

Current state of the music industry is very dramatic, even though independent artists are on the rise and there are many services offered, it is still very difficult to get your music discovered and heard regardless of how good it is, for all artists out there, I am sure you know it, but people who are only listening to music are quite unaware of this. So, for this reason, our platform aims to provide same chances to every song, thanks to our algorithm, we want to guarantee that everyone gets same level of exposure, so there aren’t artists which are preferred, but rather everyone is equal and let the listeners decide which are the best ones.

If any of this sound interesting, you can apply to upload your music here, and get free exposure. We are hoping that very shortly some artists will reach traction and get validation for their music through our platform. In this sense, we believe we are one of the very few platforms that in the first place enable users to discover new music while at the same time providing musicians with exposure.

Talking about one of the few, we do have competitors, which include , andrson and indiesound. We wish them luck in changing the industry, in the same way that we want to, but in essence our focus is quite different. As previously mentioned, we would like all artists to have a chance, independent of their previous traction, audience or likability. The most important part is that every uploaded song gets a chance, so if you are constantly uploading, you constantly have a chance, and we do not compare previous songs performance to give you a ranking, but every new song is independent from the last.

That way, if you are constantly improving yourself and your music, you should be able to reach the critical mass once your music is perceived good enough by the users, or rather once the market timing is right, as we all know, some artists are ahead of their time and for this reason they aren’t able to reach traction.

Thanks for reading this post, we hope you will enjoy our app, and help us change the music industry together!