Music Streaming For Businesses

Music for all types of businesses

Whether you are a business that plays background music in your physical stores, or to employees during work hours, you are in the right place.

With Freecords Streaming For Business you won't have trouble looking for licensing, you will pay only one monthly fee per location for our entire catalogue and many features.


Search music using filters

Our filters enable you to find music to fit your business perfectly.

From different moods, to instruments and song length.

You can also choose between different languages, which further help the mood you want to achieve, whether it is a comfortable lunch, or guiding customers towards a certain mindset for a complete shopping experience.

19.99€ / month

Save searches as dynamic playlists

Save your custom searches as a dynamic playlist so every time you open it, same search criteria will apply, but with different songs.

That way, you don't have to think whether you played the same playlist yesterday.

Also, you will be among the first to promote an independent artist.

19.99€ / month

Custom playlists

Besides the dynamic playlists, you can also save any song into a custom playlist.

Thus, if you have a special event and would like to develop an experience, or you simply like how certain songs resonate with your customers, save it into a custom playlist.

19.99€ / month

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