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How to distribute music to Spotify and other online platforms?

Being the largest streaming platform, it’s logical every artist wants to have their music on Spotify, and also on many other platforms, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and the likes.

Luckily, such a process is very simple and straightforward, besides it can cost you very little to nothing if you choose the right distributor.

There are a few business models according to which they operate. The first one is a free model, where most of the platforms limit you to one or two releases and they will take a commission of 15% from your streaming revenue.
Another model is that you pay an annual fee of approximately $20 if you are an individual, and you will have unlimited number of releases. This is good for people who know that their music will return more than that, but for new and emerging artists not so much.

With that being said, some companies do offer a third business model, where you pay nothing up-front and a lower commission than with others but get the same and even better service. One of those is us, Freecords!

We are primarily a streaming platform, offering exposure to new and emerging artists free of charge, acting as a label to promote artists and create a place to get started in the industry. As said previously, we also offer music distribution, and our cost is 0% of your streaming royalties for unlimited uploads! It's completely free. You can check us out here:

Also, as we are growing and expanding, our main mission and vision are to be a central place in the industry, by providing all services an artist needs for their career and to remain independent for as long as possible, and ideally forever.

How to upload?

It’s simple and with us it only contains three steps. You’ll also have a bonus of directly uploading your songs to our platform without any additional work. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Register on our app:
2. Upload your song or songs also in our app: and select the distribution checkbox.
Btw, you can both upload on desktop or mobile,

And that’s it! Your songs will be live within a week, and we’ll send you the song-sharing link shortly after. If you have any questions you can check our Distribution FAQ here:
Or contact us via contact form or e-mail:

Once you submit the songs for distribution, somebody from our Artist Relations team will contact you, and that right there is a fancy name for what’s essentially your manager who can arrange anything you might need.

We also provide concert ticket sales to chosen people, as it’s still in very early beta and we are looking to test out everything, with that being said, you can find more information on the following link:

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