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Ticket sales for virtual events

During the past year we have all witnessed a few things that most of us thought would never happen in a lifetime. A global virus pandemic and a lockdown in virtually every country.

I won’t mention the name of the virus which made all of this happen, as by now, even the birds know it, or they might not, since everybody is at home.

Leaving this aside, live concerts were canceled for obvious reasons. Entire global music industry is struggling as revenues from live performances represent a majority of income for most of the artists, and they are still very gone. In 2019, ticket sales hit a record of almost $23B in sales, where the entire music industry is approximately $55B according to Statista.

However, on the other side, with the help of technology, we saw many new trends emerging. From online schooling to various Zoom classes in everything that’s humanly possible and at last, online concerts and parties.

A few months after, all major ticket sales companies, like Ticketmaster, have introduced online ticket sales.
Based on this, to give the best service to our customers and align with our vision of being a one-stop shop for everything an artist needs in their career we have decided to launch the virtual ticket sales option as well.

Through our ticketing product, you can create an event quickly, receive your event page with a customized link ( free of charge or choose the premium ( for additional $5. The event flow is quick to use, with no registration requirements, you can start within a few minutes.

Payouts are processed on the day after the event to ensure the credibility and integrity of the entire process with simple and affordable pricing of 5% + $0.3 per sale and it can go down depending on the final number of tickets sold.

In the near future, in our app, you will be able to add concert ticket links to your artist page, so that anybody discovering you as an artist can also find your virtual or physical concerts.

In regards to the actual streaming, and how to setup the digital stream, we have another blog post covering this, check it out here. You can choose if you want to setup the stream yourself and use any software you wish, or you can have it setup by us in which case you will have to stick to one of the available providers we use such as YouTube and Zoom.

To ensure customer satisfaction, you can look at the example event page to see how your event will look like once published. If you wish to have a custom layout and design your own page, that’s also possible, but in that case you will have to contact us and the whole process will take at least 24-48 hours longer, so make sure you take that into account.

In the case of any problems that might occur during the sales process or the event itself, our customer support team is available 24/7 and reachable by phone, so you are covered 100% in an emergency.

Finally, you can follow this link to create your event and get started shortly, or as mentioned previously, contact us for any questions and we will go to any length to fulfil requests you might have.