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Upload Your Music For Free & Elevate Your Sound on the Internet

We live in an era where the world connects through melodies, beats, and harmonies.

The digital revolution means musicians no longer need a recording studio to share their music with the world.

But what if you want to do more than just share?

What if you want to upload your music for free, reach a wider audience, up your Google rankings, and increase your visibility?

Well, that’s where Freecords comes into play.

Why Upload Music for Free?

In today's digital world, everyone with a passion for rhythm can be a musician.

But where can you share your beautiful symphonies with the world without burning a hole in your pocket?

A platform that allows you to upload music for free is a godsend for talented, emerging musicians or bands searching for their breakout moment.

Freecords allows you to share your music freely and helps boost your overall internet presence. By providing a free upload service, Freecords offers a gateway to reach a global audience, ensuring your music resonates across boundaries.

Step-by-Step: How to Upload Music for Free on Freecords

Before you start gaining fans worldwide, let’s walk through the process of uploading your music on Freecords.

1.     Register

Head over to the Freecords website to create an account with a unique username, your email ID, and a secure password. If you’re already a part of the community, jump to the next step.

2.     Profile Setup

Make your profile as appealing as your music. Remember, your profile is as important as your music as it helps potential fans connect with you.

3.     Upload Music

Ready to share your beats with the world? Find and click on the 'Upload' button—usually found on your dashboard. Select the audio file you want to upload, and there you have it! Your music is now accessible to fans around the globe.

4.     Promote Your Track

Now, let's amplify your music's reach. Share your songs on various social media platforms to gather more listeners and climb up the music charts!

What to Expect After Uploading Music?

Once your harmonious creations have found a home on Freecords, there is an entire symphony of change and opportunities awaiting you.

Here's a glimpse into what's in store for you.

1.     Broadened Distribution

Freecords doesn't just allow your music to reside on its platform—it extends it, linking your rhythms to other major platforms. From Spotify to Apple Music and Amazon Music, expect your tunes to travel far and wide, introducing a global audience to your musical genius.

2.     Free Distribution

One of the fantastic things about Freecords is that you get to distribute your music without any barriers. There's no cap on the number of songs you can upload, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg—in fact, you get to distribute all of the songs you desire while keeping 100% of your royalties.

3.     Fast Distribution Process

Once you hit 'upload' on Freecords, it's immediate.

Yes, the process does incorporate a review (for maintaining high-quality content), but do not fret! Your tuneful compositions will start their journey within 4-5 days from your upload.

4.     Personalized Assistance

Never feel lost in your musical journey with Freecords. Every artist is provided with a dedicated account manager who will assist in ensuring your uploads reach maximum potential. They are real people, providing genuine help, and making your music posting an absolute breeze.

5.     Easy Promotions

Once your music is alive and ready to be shared with the world, you'll be provided with handy links to promote your songs across various platforms. You can also tweak elements on your song promotion page—just communicate your needs to your manager.

6.     Regular Payouts

A song well-shared is a song well-earned. For every rhythm of yours that resonates with listeners, expect to get your share of streaming revenue.

Freecords maintains a minimum hold of just 50 EUR to avoid unnecessary bank costs. At the end of each month, you'll receive a comprehensive report on your earnings, complete with platform-specific information, number of plays, and revenue per play.


Melodies know no boundaries, and neither should you. Freecords offers you the gift of uploading your music for free with a wider audience reach and improved online visibility.

Have your unique sound heard, gather a loyal fanbase, and watch as your musical career takes flight on Freecords.

So why wait?

Start uploading your music today and realize your full musical potential.